wowowow two and a half hours later I finally got all of my grey off ew

these pictures are completely silly but p much describe the con as a whole whoops karkat was more fun than I thought he’d be even if my shipping showed really hard har, we are the definition of ‘cool serious cosplayers’, AND I FINALLY GOT DUMB ZODIAC CHARMS HUR

ACEN was absolutely fantastic~! First time going to a convention on Thursday and it was probably the best decision we’ve made, because we met some really cool kids (wwizarderi, courtbo, and samvvize) and got to hang out with them all weekend eue!!

The con was, for the most part (other than some horn issues literal sobbing), completely chill and it was super amazing to get to hang with friends I haven’t seen in a while (way too many to list),  AND meet and chat with some new super awesome people!! \o/

So ready for Colossal UNGH (except not sews codpiece frantically)

[for what its worth Gamzee is harshwhimsical, Kanaya/Kyoko is dajra and Sollux is regdichab]