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OT3 anon went overboard and youre going to have a lot to read HOO BOY. But nonetheless, I HOPE YOU'LL ENJOY THIS LITTLE COLLECTION IT'S ALMOST DONE THANK YOU FOR BEING FANTASTIC.

AUGH COLLECTION!?!?!?!? WOWEE ANON you sure do sound like you went overboard BUT THATS OKAY BECAUSE IM SURE I WILL REALLY ENJOY ALL OF IT!!! Thank you so much again I can’t thank you enough AND I CANT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM!!! \o/!!

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omg! OK hahaha. 

Sketchbook B [Firebender Tavros!! and waterbender Eridan?? hahaha orz I was re-watching Avatar shhhh ALSO I HAD TO because of this really cool post, I wanted to make something more decent and link to it but I guess this will have to do]:
image[x] And those tiny Karkat & Gamzee at the bottom are based on your cute humanstuck gamkar photoset.

page 69 from “C” is not available ;3; [I removed that page but you might actually get to see it in person! since it’s a drawing I’m sending reg] STILL, here’s this:

[x] [OH HEY those weird notes “shield, short, honest” etc, were for some sort of challenge to make a warrior lady, I should work on that]

image[x] oh man, beat up Gamzee, I hope that’s ok.

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Ok so this is irrelevant but I need to tal to someone who might understand me or what I'm going through., so I made out with one of my friends (girl) and I'm not bi or lesbian, well i don't think I am and it's just really confusing because I liked it but I didn't enjoy it because she's my friend and ugh confusion, I'm sorry.

OH NO ANON ITS OKAY! *hugs you!* Sexuality is a confusing thing, and putting labels on it only makes it more confusing! Don’t worry too much, experimentation is normal and you don’t have to decide if you liked it or not or make any final choices based on how you feel about it! It’s your identity and so its up to YOU to define however you’re the most comfortable!

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Hey hey show me all Sketchbooks p.55 plissss


66 sketchbook A, oh man! these were some of my FIRST Homestuck fanarts! I think these are the sketches I made because “I wouldn’t read homestuck” but I liked Gamzee and Tavros HA HA. OH and those chibis at the bottom, is a weird kind of chibi I like to make, I call them “monitos de bolita”, I’m not sure how to translate that, just simple round chibis, and they have no arms so I thought they went really well with HS characters haha.

Sketchbook B [aahaha those tiny alpha and beta kids.. I was trying to explain something to a friend but it wasn’t making any sense, so I had to draw those, also Summoner + Tavros and Vriska. I feel like Vriska had some sort of crush on the Summoner from Mindfang’s journal, and that’s why she wanted tavros to be “Tougher”? So he’d be more like him?]


AND from sketchbook C [honestly this is the only thing worth sharing from that one??]

But here’s the whole page just in case [x]


Reposting this time only with the silly drawing~
Again I made this silly thing in a cintiq, it’s the first time I use one and it was a weird experience!! It felt more like drawing on a regular intuos only this time my hand was in the way! haha, but it was definitely a lot of fun!

I’m so glad the ladies at the stand didn’t think the drawing was too weird hahaha bless them, they were incredibly patient and helpful.

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Whats your tmi tuesday tag?



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Could you cosplay as Gamzee more possibly? and idk, make tons of references to random strangers uwu i would love and die to watch those, because you a cool person

AHAHAHAHA I FUCKING WISHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love cosplaying Gamzee I will do it any opportunity I get!!! I always feel a bit sad when I go to a convention and I don’t wear him!!

I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN BY REFERENCES TO STRANGERS THOUGH :Ia????? It sounds like it could be fun but AAA? :Dc

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justicecadet replied to your post: yoyonolen asked:Once you get this…

but did you include cosplay shoes?

NO I HAVE SO MANY OF THOSE SHAKES but I refuse to wear them outside of cosplay in order to keep them nice! I have a lot of clothes like that too! My human karkat pants and my human gamzee pants for example! I won’t wear them I’m so scared I’ll spill mustard on them or something stupid ahaha!!