Anonymous asked:
Holy shit your going to Matsuricon? FUCK YES. I'M COSPLAYING AS DAVE STRIDER-

YES I AM!!! I will be Prussia at some point and sOMETHING ELSE SOME OTHER TIME I know it says Gamzee on my con schedule and that’s still an option but idfk our plans have changed a few times so I have to figure stuff out ;u; EITHER WAY if you see me please come say hi :D

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Kanaya Maryam [x] | Photographer [x]

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got together a magazine spread of some humanstuck Kanaya outfits!

Click for some stupid captions.

GQ Photo Spreads - Eridan | Gamzee Karkat | Sollux | John

ARTIST: Regina Spektor
TITLE: Samson

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first…

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Anonymous asked:
do you have an instagram?

YES I DO ITS FROMGILBO ouo!!! Follow away, its mostly just selfies and a few dumb pics here and there eee

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Anonymous asked:
I would die if you went to AOD con 2015, and tbh I probably wouldn't be able to handle it because I'd fall down and fanboy on the floor the whole weekend...

AWW CUTE AHAHAH!! I wish I could make it to any west coast cons sighs dreamily! If I do, I’m sure it’ll be AX! ;u;

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Anonymous asked:
one of my language options for highschool is russian and i really want to take it because russia is a really cool country its like my favorite omg

DO IT SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMS Its not too difficult of a language and I think you’ll really enjoy it!!! If you have that much interest in Russia I think you’d be really happy in Russian Language class ;u;!!!

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Anonymous asked:
How much butt could a butt butt butt if a butt butt could butt butt?

makes fart noises

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Anonymous asked:
Ive always been curious, what are you smoking when you do the hookah for cosplay? Idk you just look very happy and healthy and it would really suck to have you melt away or become ill from some weird drug :c

OH NO ANON CUTE!!! It’s shisha, which is tobacco! There’s nothing funny about it. Of course, nicotine isn’t good for you and neither is smoking in general, so I’m not going to go around advocating anyone do it. In fact, I’m quitting for health insurance reasons. It’d be like 30 extra bucks a month and lmao thats like a wig no thankS

  1. thexdarkenedxlight said: "Hello. I am from Chile and I think I love you. Bye." is the translation of the anon’s message.ignore thexdarkenedxlightreply
  2. the-fresh-prince-of-bell-no said: i didnt send this but it translates to ‘hello im from Chile and I think I love you bye’

OH NO THANK YOU BOTH so much!! That’s a super cute message HUGS ANON!! I really appreciate you stepping up to translate for me too uuuuu//!!

Anonymous asked:
Can I just say you are an adorable cutie patootie ( ̄▽ ̄)

BUUU ANON SWEETIE YOU CAN but I’m gonna hug you!! Thank you so so much >///u///<!!!

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