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Bruh your Gamkar zombie AU is so so cool,would it be fine if I wrote a fic about it or something? O: i really want to

AAA OH NO ANON SUPER CUTE!! I’m really glad you like the AU like woaahhhhhhh I never thought it would be a big deal to anyone because it was just something small and sad we came up with so I’m super flattered you enjoy it!! YOU CAN WRITE A FIC IF YOU WANT AAAAA JUST LET ME SEE IT/TAG ME or something!! (and credit the original post ofc eue)


From a Zombiestuck AU made by fromgilbowithawesome and chicksdigthekarkat .It sounded really cool and interesting [and SAD] and I HAD to draw something for it. It was going to be a sketch but it got out of hand!! It truly is much easier to sketch using the Cintiq!

[More info about the AU] + [The post that inspired this~]



so we were painting pumpkins for the zoo today

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lets take an awkward crossover picture


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i like to go through your cosplay tag because i miss you and love your face

OH NO SHAKES ANON THANK YOU HUFFHUFF I miss being able to post as much cosplay as I used to! I’ve had less money than I did in the past so its made cons/new things difficult! HOPEFULLY that is gradually coming to an end though, and I absolutely have Kankri pictures to edit and Eridan pictures to take at Youmacon!


Fashionable humanstuck ladies…. and Equius.
AAC 2014

Aradia | Nepeta | Terezi | Equius | Feferi

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I'm going to honest, you make me question my sexuality a little, and I don't even know your gender. I'm confused.

OH NO ANON AAHAHA I want to laugh but I also don’t want to cause you any crisis! I’m a girl, if that helps at all shakes thank you so much for the sweet sentiment though!!

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Ich glaube das Sie sind sehr niedlich. \;u;/ Ich hoffe das Sie hatten ein guten tag.

AHA!!! reg speaks german so I asked her to translate!! I think you and your ask are very cute too!! I hope you’re having an awesome day wherever you are and that you have many more awesome days in the future!!! Thank you cute anon huuu////

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Oh my gosh.. You're just so.. So.. EEEK! So cute and perf! And adorable! And just agh! >///_////< I'm so sorry.. I can't English correctly.. Just.. Oh my lawd.. You're just so.. Nyerrrr.. I'm so unworthy of your attractiveness! *pulls a paper bag over my head*

OH NO ANON CUTE ITS OKAY!! Don’t worry about your language hahah I understand you!! BUT NONE OF THIS ‘unworthy’ stuff or anything like that!! I really really appreciate your compliments aauaua//// really I do but you gotta be sure not to put yourself down!! You’re an awesome person who is spreading love around so there’s nothing to feel bad about ;u;!!

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